What Is Paint Correction?

More Than A Coating

Paint Correction Is An Art!

It takes patience, time & skill to actually be good at doing paint correction. Detailing is a trade that has a relatively low cost to start. A Rotary / Dual Action Polisher various polishing compounds, pads, towels, a plethora of cleaners and wash mitts can be complete for less than $1,500. This is all it takes to be a “YouTube Certified” master detailer. This is not a good thing for consumers or our industry as a whole – someone who watches a few YouTube videos can claim to be masters of a trade that can take years to master. Paint correction in particular is an area where a detailer can really do the wrong thing and potentially cause damage to a vehicle’s finish. It’s really important to be doing business with a company that can stand behind the work in case there is ever an issue that needs to be repaired. what is paint correction
At Ironclad Paint Protection & Coatings we have years of training, testing and perfecting our art. Using the best brands such as RUPES Polishers, Meguiar’s Compounds and Pads, Lake Country just to name a few.
What is Paint Correction
What is Paint Correction
Corrective Measures

When do you need paint correction?

There are several reasons paint correction may be applicable. A black car, overspray, hard water spot removal or restoring original factory paint on your much-loved car. This really depends on how scrupulous of a car owner you are. Brand new cars come with defects in the finish including sanding marks, debris in paint, clear coat runs, machine swirls and much more. If you want your car in the best condition possible so you can maintain its finish, a paint correction is for you. If you are not completely concerned about perfection and would like the car to look good but can live with some swirl marks and defects in the paint, then a standard single stage polish may be just what you’re looking for. It’s always best to schedule an estimate and have us take a look at your paint for the best way to proceed. A paint correction is a costly venture and probably not worth spending the extra money on if its not for you. If you have a newly acquired older car and want to see it’s full potential, invest in a paint correction and a ceramic coating. It will open your eyes to how nice we can make the finish and also enhance its resale value. You can always tell when a car has been well cared for and those cars demand the most money when it comes time to sell.
How We Do Paint Correction

Two Separate Approaches To Paint Correction

Dual Action polishing versus Rotary, both can provide great results but there are caveats of both. A random orbital polisher can be learned very quickly and doesn’t have to be mastered to get a decent result, however, as you can see by the images below, its movements are rather clumsy and not accurate. A dual action polisher does drag the polishing pad (to some extent) across the surface and can leave some haze in the finish. The Rotary polisher has a steeper learning curve, but it’s a much more accurate machine, works faster where heavy paint correction is needed and finishes better. With either machine, you can cause damage without proper instructions and if you are using a wrong polishing compound and pad combination, it can leave a hazy or swirly finish. As a professional shop, we perform most of our paint correction services using a rotary or dual action polisher depending on the level of care needed and the vehicle being serviced. It’s important to not only have the right tools for the job but to know when to use what tool and how. This formula is developed with experience.
What is Paint Correction
Multi Step Process

The 3 Stages of Paint Correction

Polishing is much like sanding a wooden table – you start with an aggressive sandpaper, and work your way in stages to a lighter sandpaper until you have achieved the smooth finish you desire. Paint correction is very much the same, the different compounds and polishing pads work in stages from most aggressive to the least which creates the best finish possible. Using a rotary polisher, we will typically perform a 3-stage polish.
Stage 1 – Heavy Cut or Compounding

A heavy cut compound and a wool polishing pad, will level the clearcoat really nicely and basically does all of your defect removal, but it’s a messy job that creates dust all over the place and leaves fairly heavy machine swirls in the finish. We use Rupes Wool pad as it has proven to provide the best finishes for this level. If you seen a car freshly poised with heavy swirling or a hologram like effect like an old baseball card then its probably been heavy cut without any additional steps. You will usually see this type of work from body shops, dealerships or inexperienced detailers. They are essentially removing defects but not leaving behind the desired finish. Finishing the work takes time as you’re are completely polishing the car three times.

What is Paint Correction Stage 1
What is Paint Correction Stage 1
Stage 2 – Medium Cut or Polishing

A medium compound and a medium density foam pad, will get the paint looking much glossier and leave a swirl free finish until you point a bright LED directly into the finish or the sun comes out. Each step brings you closer to the desired mirror finished. Quality takes time and skill.

Stage 3 – Finishing Coat
The final step is a light compound and soft density polishing pad to bring the brightness and clarity of the clearcoat back to life, this will provide us with a zero machine swirl finish. The finishing polish is really about enhancing luster and refining the finish.
What is Paint Correction
Aftercare Procedures

So you got paint correction... now what?

You need to now protect that surface! The heavy cut and  medium cut stages of a paint correction alone will typically take about 8-12 hours to complete. During this time, we are removing a large amount of defects in your paint’s finish. The best way to preserve a freshly paint corrected finish is proper protection and maintenance. Ceramic coatings will not only enhance the gloss and luster of the finish, but it will also protect it from environmental staining like bird droppings, insects, lye deposits and much more. At Ironclad Paint Protection & Coatings we provide professional grade, “tried and true” ceramic coatings made by some of the best companies in the world such as Lumar and GTECHNIQ coatings. Ceramic coatings will also make your hand washes much more easy and enjoyable as the hydrophobic performance shoots droplets of water right off the vehicle. Also, you won’t have to spend the extra time hand waxing your car regularly as a Ceramic Coating can last on a vehicle for years. Just proper hand washing and decontaminating when needed will keep your vehicle looking excellent for years to come. We also set your vehicle up for reminders of when you may be due for service and we are always here to help answer any maintenance questions.
What is Paint Correction Stage 3
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